Outside Cameras for Security

Antonio / January 4, 2018
surveillance cam

These are video cameras used to for the purpose of observing an area; they are often connected to a recording device or a IP network and in most cases are watched by security guards or a law enforcement officer. There are various security cameras that can be used for this surveillance purpose and in our case let’s do a comparison between Next and Arlo.

Arlo security camera has an advantage over Nest in that it’s a wireless camera and this makes them easy to install so this therefore means you can decide to move them somewhere else and mount them. This camera has a removable and rechargeable camera that lasts for at least few months minimum. This battery life can last for 4 to 6 months. It also gives the user up to seven days of storage for free plus it gives the option of backing up the footage by just plugging in an external hard drive to the base station.

It has a base station that has 100 plus siren speaker that is controlled remotely via a mobile App or just being triggered by motion. This siren alerts you in cases where your house is being broken into. This camera offers better alerts as compared to other camera that tends to give false alarm at some point.in addition this camera can work in temperature of up to around 113 degrees compared to the nest camera that works only up to 104 degrees. This camera therefore has bigger advantages which are the fact that it’s a wireless camera with a battery that last for some months and also for giving the 7 days of free storage.

Nest camera on the other hand is a wired camera therefore means it takes time to install and cannot be easily moved from one place to the other. This camera gives quality videos since it captures 1080p videos this means the videos are easier to see even to the sun goes down. If you’re a user who video quality is the main concern then this is the best camera for you. This camera tends to be cheaper as compared to Arlo cameras; that is it goes for $160.

This camera can tell a person from a thing and even a dog barking from a person coming or speaking and alert you accordingly. You can also set activity zones that are a special area with important objects or property so if something happens in those areas it will alert you immediately. It also offers a continuous recording as compared to the other which is an event based recoding by the fact that it can easily be moved around. This camera therefore tends to be preference for buyer due to the fact that it’s cheaper and it also offers quality video thus that makes it appealing. Another notable thing about this camera is that there is a $10 payment monthly for storage.

This comparison done on the two cameras gives out an outline of where they are different to the other by having various advantages over the other and these is through the various features these cameras possess. Therefore as a buyer if you to the market and you want choose from the two you have already known the difference and key features to choose from.