Jaybird X3: Let’s Look Inside

Antonio / May 9, 2018

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Bluetooth headphones there is an endless array of choices. I was originally drawn to Jaybird by the way it looked. I’ve just begun bike riding though and many headphones simply did not fit underneath my helmet. Same goes for when I’m out and wearing a hat. I’m sure plenty of other brands and models would have no problem with this minor hiccup but these promoted compatibility. While many people look for noise cancelling capabilities and the ability to not hear ambient noise, a question asked on the bottom of a review page said I would still be able to hear what’s going on around me.

Jaybird X3’s are the earphones all the athletes use, and while I am no athlete, I do get out among it.

Main Features:

Take and make calls.

Mini wireless buds, some of the smallest I’ve seen.

The little silicone ear fins. As I said before, they look really unique.

Sweat proof, rain proof and even snow proof.

8 hours of battery life.

They will pair with all devices.

These ear-phones come with an app. I can customize music to suit me personally. The profile gets saved to your earphones. Never needed to re-set it unless I wanted to.

They can use one device for two sets of earphones. If I was a personal trainer, this would be exceptionally handy.


When turning these on and off, the connection status and the battery life, comes voiced by an enthusiastic voice who will tell you via the earphones which took me by (pleasant) surprise.

Despite seeing many complaints on the net about sound quality, I thought they were up there with more expensive choices I tried.
They have a shirt clip.


I bought mine from Amazon.com and they now hold a 3.5 star rating. Like others who reviewed this product my main complaint would be that the battery life is not in the league of many other earphones out there. I never come anywhere close to getting 8 hours out of these.
They work best when the device connected is in an armband.

The first set up is a bit cumbersome. Once they are finally customised they fit really well though.

It has a charging clip. It’s small. I’m scared of losing it so I leave it at home.

For the price there are better sounding headphone on the market, even though these are not bad.