Youtube TV vs. Hulu with Live TV

Antonio / August 28, 2019

The introduction of YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV in the last few months has seen our live TV streaming options increase significantly. Most of these top broadcast networks are from top-rated brands. Therefore, if you want to break from the past technologies with a cable replacement service, then try YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. Here is an in-depth review of how the two live TV streaming options compare.

Pricing and Availability

YouTube TV offers a more affordable option as its starting price is at $35 per month for 48 channels. On the other hand, Hulu with Live TV starting price is $40 for 50 channels but offers one of the best selections.

Hulu with TV Live offers six profiles and two concurrent streams as a starting package. YouTube TV slightly offers more than Hulu as it provides six login accounts with three parallel streams that allow you to share with the entire family. Regarding the availability, Hulu with TV Live is currently available on across the US as a beta version, while YouTube TV is now available in only selected American markets. However, Google has plans to expand it to access in more places across the country.

YouTube TV currently stream to TVs through Google Chromecast (inbuilt or attached) only, which might make it a bit hard for you to have it on your TV even though it is available in your place. Moreover, it can as well be viewed on iOS, Android devices, and computers. Hulu with Live TV can be accessed on Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast as well as Android and iOS devices.

Live Sports

YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV offers most of the live sports that are available on their competitors. These include Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN News, ESPN U, ESPN2, ESPN3, SEC ESPN, FS1, FS2, NBC Golf and the Big Ten Network. Besides, you can get more for an additional payment, which is yet to be announced to allow you to get Fox Soccer Plus. Finally, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV allow offers CBS Sports, which is a channel that is not available on any other platform.

Broadcast TV

YouTube TV offers more live streams of the popular broadcast networks such as Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as the CW. On the other hand, Hulu with Live TV is among direct competitors as it offers similar broadcast networks except for the CW network. Besides, YouTube TV caters for Spanish-speakers as it includes Telemundo.

On Demand and DVR

YouTube TV features an unmatched cloud-based DVR service that has unlimited storage. This feature allows you to record any shows that you want easily. Moreover, YouTube TV provides On Demand content but not for all the shows. Hulu Live with TV provides a cloud DVR but with a limit of 50 hours per content or you pay an extra $15 for 200 hours.

Cable Channels

The $40 per month that you spend on Hulu with Live TV might be more than what other competitors would cost, but it offers great cable TV selections. These include Food Network, Cartoon Network, History Channel and Bravo TV.

YouTube TV offers a given portion of cable TV selections that you could be missing such as Comedy Central, Food Network, and TBS. Besides, other great choices include Bravo, Oxygen, Disney channels, Syfy and National Geographic. YouTube TV also include cable news channels such as Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC but it does not CNN.


In conclusion, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV might be among the top contenders but not the outright winners in this market. The incomplete channel selection and relatively poor device support is a turn off for many customers.

However, if you are in need of live sports and broadcast TV channels through a great but simple Cloud DVR, then the two can be an excellent option. You should ensure that you have Xbox, Chomecast or Apple TV fixed on your TV.