Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What exactly was wrong with beige?

In case you are surfing around the site right now, you may be taken aback by the design inconsistencies. But although it's getting worse in the short term, it's going to get better and as the beige elements disappear (was it beige anyway? more an off- beige perhaps?) so nice neat and consistent in design white pages will emerge.

As I'm updating I'm noticing that the photos first placed on the site really look rather dull compared to the recent ones. I'll be updating most of those in due course - but in the meantime remember that what you get is not what you see, what you get is an image file freshly prepared for you using a far superior monitor and software compared to that I evidently struggled with 7 years ago!

Buying a stock photo here at photoconnect should finish up being an all round better experience.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seeing in the new year; seeing Bath

No fireworks anywhere to be seen, but had a couple of nice clear but freezing days out of five spent in Bath over the New Years holiday. They've been a while getting to photoconnect but my stock photos of Bath have finally hit the site.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photographing Fulham

The Kings Road in Fulham
Chelsea Harbour apartments
Earls Court - Victorian Terraces
Nothing to do with football (although one or two photos of Craven Cottage were inevitable) but a good walking tour on a cold day to get stock photos of Fulham.
Originally I had envisaged going up to London at the crack of dawn but the previous night's forecast suggested a cloudy day, especially at the start. so imagine my displeasure when I woke up to a sunny dawn. I quickly decided to go out anyway but instead of going up to the city, to go to Fulham which is less of a hike.
Of course as soon as I stepped out it clouded over but I stuck with it to be rewarded with sunny intervals and a long sunny late afternoon, great weather for photography even if it was tricky to find locations where the low sun was not cut out by the tightly packed streets.
I finished up at Earls Court where I met a friend for a pint or two....


Monday, February 01, 2010

Updating the site!

I've been quiet on the photoconnect front in the last year or so. However I've been prompted to reconsider this relative inactivity by the realisation that the continued first place positions on Google and other search engines for terms such as "Stock photography London" and "stock photos Paris" can be capitalised on in driving traffic to my assignment site, Light Touch.

It's the London pages that are key to all this so I've just uploaded about 300 new images captured over the last year. And looking at the London stock photos index page I've realise how this really could be better organised (done) and simply look better (on the way). There are some quaint link descriptions to pages of obscure content that really need to be updated to something snappier and some even quainter images that need to go in the favour of the newer, better content. All this I'll be working on this week.

In fact I really want to build on the London pages to make them clearer to all and easier to navigate, bringing better images to the fore. Clear reference to districts should allow for people looking for a photographer to stumble upon Photoconnect content. And separately, appropriate linking from portrait stock photo pages should pick up on people looking for a portrait photographer rather than portrait stock photos.

But also, more importantly, the upshot of all this should be that more stock photo images should sell!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

All the best for Christmas and the New Year!

I've been quiet of late. What new turmoil will the new year hold in the world of stock photography?